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  1. Paul Baxter says:

    Hi Ashwyn
    Good to see you have got the new site up and running.
    Will you be having a page where venues can advertise their gigs in the same way as you did on the old site?
    Have a good Christmas

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul,
      Yes, I am working on resurrecting the Gig Guide, hoping to have it up and running for the new year. By popular demand!
      Have a great Christmas and a bluesy New Year!

  2. Phil Allen says:

    Tidy new site you’ve got there Ashwyn, like it! Keep up the great work my friend & a very Merry Christmas & Peaceful New Year to you. cheers Phil

  3. Lisa Mann says:

    Cool site! Nice to be able to add to it when you need to.

  4. chris james says:

    Hi Ashwyn. congratulations on your new site, its easy to navigate and looks great. All the best, Chris

  5. Paul Dean says:

    Hi Ashwyn,
    Like the new site and I hope you had a great Christmas day and didn’t drink too much French wine! Look forward to seeing you in January at the Crawdaddy Club.
    Love to Patricia,
    Kindest regards,

    • admin says:

      Thanks Paul. Looking forward to the 19th and the New Crawdaddy Blues Club heatr of the New Brunswick battle of the Blues! A great line-up in prospect!

  6. Hello Ashwyn, My latest CD, Mailbox Money, releases in a couple of weeks. Wantcha some? Happy New Year!

  7. Hi Ash, good news on the webcrate site. We want to get our album out to you. What address do we send it to? Thanks for the support and look forward to hearing it on air! Happy new year! Jase and Sam

    • admin says:

      HI Jase & Sam.
      Happy new year.
      I have e-mailed details of mailing address to you both. Look forward to receiving the CD

  8. Rosy Greer says:

    Excellent site….great playlists!

  9. Nick Garner says:

    Hi Ash, The site looks great now we have to the whole world tuned in to it! See you Thursday!

  10. Ian Perkins says:

    i am a regular at the Newcrawdaddy, but will shortly be moving to Frinton-on-sea. i will make an effort to go the the crawdaddy as much as possible, but what are the best venues in and around the colchester area ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Ian,
      Good luck with your move. I will ask around to see what details I can get of Colchester venues.
      Anybody got any thoughts?

  11. stacie says:


    Just to say this gig featuring Mark Butcher is hopefully the first of a regular monthly ‘blues’ nights at Crawley Football Club, Sussex, so any help, advice or suggestions regarding publicity would be much appreciated. As ever, it’s hardly a money making exercise, merely an attempt to add to the circuit for everyones benefit!


    Also, while Im on can I also mention…


    A debut DVD of Jo Harman and Company is now available and a preview can be seen here

    Featuring many favourites from Jo’s barnstorming live set, the seminal ‘Sideways’ included, this DVD also features previously unreleased newer material such as ‘Cold Heart’ and ‘Worthy of Love’. Also included is Jo’s unique take on classics such as ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’, ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ and ‘How I Got To Memphis’. Apart from over 60 minutes of ‘in performance’ footage featuring Jo’s remarkable 7-piece band containing some of the UK’s most respected musicians, who have worked with the likes of Bob Dylan and Beyonce, the DVD also includes both off stage and interview features, including discussions with one of Jo’s main co-writers, artist/guitarist Mike Davies.

    Jo Harman and Company touring dates already confirmed (more to follow) include:-

    Sun. 22nd Jan Jazz Club, Dean Street Soho (sold out)
    Fri. 24th Feb, Hideaway, Streatham, London
    Sat. 24th March, Theatre on the Steps, Brignorth, Shropshire
    Sun. 22nd April, Cafe Des Artists Festival, Lewes, Sussex
    Sat. 19th May, Lustleigh Hall, Devon
    Thur.10th May, Latest Musicbar, Brighton
    Fri. 22nd Jun, Durham Blues Festival, Durham
    Sat. Jun Cleethorpes Blues Festival, Yorkshire
    Tues. 29th May 100 Club London
    Fri. 24th Aug, Limetree Festival, Yorkshire
    Sat. 8th Sep, Exchange Arts Centre, Dorset


    The DVD can be bought direct from Yellow Fish Music Group at info@yellowfishmusicgroup.com
    for £10 plus £2 postage and packaging (debit/credit card payments by phone on 01273 782035).
    Digital distribution is due March 2012.

  12. What a spectacular looking site, one of the best around! nice work! Thanks for all the many years of recognizing and spinning voodoohead productions artists Ashwyn, and also for assisting me in pitching new music through your excellent program. You have been extremely helpful in getting good blues music happening for everyone I work with, from Summer and the Sinners to the bluevoodoo and new artists the harpoonist and axe murderer and Sean Poluk, cheers and continued success!bryon

  13. mike lightfoot says:

    Hi Ashwyn
    Love the new site and the radio shows. There’s not enough hours in the day to listen to what I want to listen to. I notice Ian Perkins asked about blues venues in the Colchester area. The Bull is a good venue and I believe the fabulous Joel Fisk has a jam night there.

  14. sellam says:

    Hi ,I’m Bernard from Awek Blues Band.You played our cd few weeks ago.We got a new release ,recorded in California produced by Mark Hummel with some great guests.
    Would you give me your postal adress so I could send you a copy.


    • admin says:

      Hi Bernard,
      Good to hear from you. I have e-mailed you.
      Thanks for dropping by and looking forward to playing the new CD

  15. Greetings Ashwyn,
    Really appreciate your full support in our music especially with the new album, thank you very much we really appreciate the plugs…. Hope to see you through out the tour of the UK?
    All the best Cheers Hat & Cara
    Great new site too all the best with it

    • admin says:

      Thank you Hat & Cara. Absolutely loving the new CD.
      Afraid we will not meet during your UK your as I live in France!

  16. Jojo Taylor says:

    Hello , I’m Jojo Taylor from The Juice .. It’s Truly an Honor to be here ! We Live , Love and Play nothing but The Blues , We hope that you’ll take the time to
    share our Music !

  17. Henry Morgan says:

    Hi Ashwny,
    Really enjoy your shows thanks but the audio quality on the podomatic listen again is really poor. The signal seems to fade. I realise bandwith costs but I find it too poor to listen to at times.

    • admin says:

      Hi Henry,
      Thank you for your kind comments.
      I am sorry that you are having quality problems listening via PodOmatic. I am not sure what to suggest.
      Certainly I do not think it is a bandwicth problem as I have bought a package which provides me with plenty.
      I am listening to the latest show on PodOmatic at present with no problems.
      I also have many listeners who tune in via i-Tunes which uses the PodOmatic feed and none of them are experiencing problems as far as I am aware.
      So I can only apologise and suggest that you might like to try listening via i-tunes as an alternative.
      Thanks for getting in touch and I hope you keep enjoying the shows.

  18. Mike Donkers says:

    Hi Aschwyn,

    Thanks sooooooooooo much for playing He’s Gonna Step On You Again last night on your radio show. Kudos to you for recognizing that we’re not blues purists and therefore have no qualms about adding a blues touch to an old John Kongos tune from 1971. Howzabout a review of our album on your website?


    Mike, singer/guitarist/frontman/songwriter for Mike & the Mellotones

  19. Steve says:

    I have added the Crawdaddy Club to my new website entertainment guide http:\\www.whatsoninsouthend.com and by the end of the week there will also be http:\\www.whatsoninbasildon.com the Whats On In (WoiUK.Ltd) guides will eventually cover the Essex and East Anglia region check it out!.

  20. Matty Powell says:

    Hello from Canada Ashwyn!

    Just wanted to send out my thanks for playing a track from my new record “Kiss the City” on Wednesday. There were loads of people in Canada listening and everyone that I’ve spoken to enjoyed the show in it’s entirety. Knowing that it’s “sitting on the edge of the blues spectrum”, I really appreciate that you went on that edge. Looking forward to tuning in again..

    Matty Powell

  21. Martin Park says:

    Hi Ashwyn, just thought I’d let you know that we are still running our monthly blues session (after all these years!) here in Southminster. Can’t see a gig guide on the site at the moment, but perhaps I’m just looking in the wrong place!
    We have John Crampton playing here tomorrow night,assuming he can get to us through the snow, whom I first heard at that excellent blues festival you ran at Hutton all those years ago.
    Please let me know if there is a facility for posting forthcoming gigs on your site.
    Regards, Martin, Station Arms Southminster.

  22. Hey…I’d love for you guys to check out my book….over 100 photos I took between 1969 and 1983 of Muddy, Wolf, Hooker, Thorogood, the Stones, Hound Dog Taylor, Johnny Winter, Big Walter, Freddie King, Taj Mahal, Koko Taylor and more in the years when I was writing my Grammy winning music with Muddy Waters. Fun tales and the website has links to cool music and vid so turn up your speakers.
    Thanks and keep on Rockin’. Also, check the In the Belly of the Blues FB page.

  23. Ben says:

    Hey Ashwyn,just to say hello to a friend, hope everyting is well with you

  24. Thanks a lot ‘digitalblues’ for playing our songs and your support. GREAT!
    SWEET BOURBON & Bourbonnettes

  25. Southbound says:

    Hi Ashwyn Many thanks for the interest in SOUTHBOUND and the play in the 7th December show of our song”The Desert”- Hope you liked the EP. We will be tuning in and making sure others do too – to Digital Blues- Best wishes SBx

  26. Hello Ashwyn! Thanks for playing our stuff this summer and thank you for all you do for independent music!!

  27. John Duer says:

    Hi, Ashwyn! Thanks for adding the Blues Freaks to next week’s playlist. We appreciate it!

  28. Cliff Hammans says:

    Nice suprise seeing you at the last , well almost last gig at the Crawdaddy club . I know you had a large input with the club , all the best Cliff Hammans

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