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Please note that with effect from the end of January 2021, podcasts of Digital Blues’ weekly shows which air 15 times a week on 8 stations around the world, will no longer be available via PodOmatic or iTunes 다운로드.
The main reason for this change is that I have recently come to understand that neither PodOmatic nor iTunes pay any royalties to artists featured which is something that Mixcloud proudly do 컴퓨터 철권 다운로드.
It seems only right, therefore, that I repay the generous support Digital Blues receives from artists, record labels etc 다운로드. by seeking to ensure the payment of royalties, however, small they may be, in respect of the music I play.
I cannot deny that it there is also an element of cost saving involved as my annual subscription to PodOmatic which is a few cents short of $300.00 per annum which comes totally out of my pocket 다운로드.
In addition to the 15 opportunities per week to listen to the show on one of the stations that carry it – details here, you will still be able to listen via Mixcloud – also via the listen again facility at
I hope you will continue to listen to Digital Blues and to enjoy the eclectic and genre busting selection of music I play 다운로드.
Thank you for your support, both in the past and, I hope, in the future.

When and where to listen to Digital Blues:



If you are in Basildon, East Thurrock and surrounding areas, tune in on 97.8fm or via the internet at

and/or at


Station Day UK Europe USA
KCOR Sunday 17.00 18.00 11.00 Central
Hawaiian Pacific Monday 10.00 11.00 23.00 HAST
Ex-Pat Radio Monday 17.00 18.00 11.00 Central
JazzJuice Radio Tuesday 12.00 13.00 06.00 Central
KCOR Tuesday 9.00 10.00 03.00 central
Gateway 97.8 Wednesday 21.00 22.00 15.00 Central
KCOR Thursday 1.00 2.00 19.00 Central Wednesday
Ex-Pat Radio Saturday 10.00 11.00 04.00 Central
Krystal Radio UK Friday 20.00 21.00 14.00 Central
KCOR Friday 4.00 5.00 23.00 Central
Global Community Radio Saturday 5.00 6.00 24.00 Eastern Friday
WRAQ (92.7) Angelica, New York Saturday 5.00 6.00 24.00 Eastern Friday
WLSL (92.7) Saint Leo, Florida Saturday 5.00 6.00 24.00 Eastern Friday
WRST (90.3) Oshkosh, Wisconsin Saturday 5.00 6.00 24.00 Eastern Friday

All Digital Blues radio shows are now available as
podcasts immediately after their last scheduled airtime on


You can also listen again at

  1. John Pippus says:

    Thanks for playing “Airplane Woman” and “Tell Me Why” on your blues shows. Much appreciated!
    New album coming this fall.

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