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Artist Track Album Label
The Rumblestrutters Axeman’s Jazz Prohibition Blues
Rag Mama Rag Fracking Man Some ‘Ol Day
Walter Broes & the Mercenaries Come On Down Movin’ Up Rootz Rumble
Mary’s Little Lamb Hold Your Horses The Miraculous Elixir For the Drifter Rootz Rumble
Big Daddy Wilson Running Shoes Neckbone Stew Ruf Records
Marc Lelangue Trio Empty House Blues Lost in the Blues Naked
Keith Thompson Win Or Lose Two Minutes to Midnight Density Music
Sean Taylor A Good Place To Die Flood & Burn
John Ginty Feat Aster Pheonyx Target on the Ground Rockers American Showplace Music
Wille & the Bandits Crossfire Memories Steal Jigsaw Music
Terry Blankley ~ David Morrison Nothin’ But the Blues Cookin’ Rootefoot Records
Popa Chubby Good Thing The Catfish Popa Chubby Productions
The Outsiders UK Memory lane Everything’s Gone Vintage Planet Records


Artist Track Source Label
Debbie Giles’ Midnight Train Take My Love Debbie Giles’ Midnight Train
Charlie Musselwhite Sad & Beautiful World The Well Alligator Records
Paul de Lay Harpoon Man Blues Harp Boogie Music Club
Slim Harpo I’m A King Bee The Chart Show Ultimate Blues The Hit Label
Erja Lyytinen Black Ocean Stolen Hearts Tuohi Records
Honey B. & T-Bones Follow Me Time Was Tuohi Records
Thorbjorn Risager & the Black Tornado Lay My Burden Down Change My Game Ruf Records
Dawn Tyler Watson Can’t Nobody Jawbreaker!
Thornetta Davis I Gotta Sang the Blues Honest Woman Sweet Mama Music
Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion Hold On This Is The Life I Choose 33 Records
Jo Harman No One Left To Blame People We Become
Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro Dancing on the Rocks Static in the Wires Del Mundo Records
Brigitte DeMeyer & Will Kimbrough Broken Fences Mockinbird Soul BDM Music
Fran McGillivray Band Missed My Chance With You Midnight Call Joka Records
The Mighty Bosscats Sweet Loretta Gold Fever
Lena & the Slide Brothers The Road You’re On The Road
Emilia Sisco & Helge Tallqvist and His Band I Got What It takes Emilio Sisco With Helge Tallqvist and his Band
John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon History To The River
Big Daddy Wilson He’ll Make A Way Neckbone Stew Ruf Records
Ry Cooder Humpty Dumpty World Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down Nonesuch Records
Mick Clarke Blues Start Walkin’ Shake It Up! BGO Records
John Mayall Cards on the Table Talk About That Forty Below Records
Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio Keep On Rollin’ Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio Alligator
Dave Fields Anticipating You Unleashed FMI records


Artist Track Source Label
Paul DesLauriers Band We Just Might Relentless Big Toe Productions
Matt Andersen Let’s Get Back Honest Man True North Records
Angel Forrest Walking Blues ‘Live Love” Morning Star 
Ben Racine Band Hot Grease One of a Kind Iguana Records
David Gogo 300 Pound Shoes Vibe Cordova Bay
Harpdog Brown & the Bloodhounds Movin’ Down Side the River Rhine Naturally Dog Breath Records
Kenny ‘Blues Boss’ Wayne Bring Back the Love An Old Rock on a Roll Stony Plain Records
Joe Bonamassa Dustbowl Tour de Force – Live In London Provogue Records
Midnight Train I Am Live @Bronte Blues Club
Awek Jammin With Fred & Derek Long Distance


Artist Track Source Label
Sleepy John Estes Special Agent (Railroad Police Blues) Bill Wyman’s Blues Odyssey Document Records
Backbone Cast Power Within Ourselves Power Within Ourselves Live Rock Finland
Ben Granfelt Sweet Love Another Day Tuohi Records
Honey B. & T-Bones Time Was Time Was Tuohi Records
Slim Butler It Ain’t Me Bad Intention Slim Cuts
Billy T Band Reckoning Reckoning Big H Music
Dona Oxford Won’t Be Long Live …. And Loud! Doe-A-Dear Music
Husky Tones Round the Wrekin Who Will I turn To Now?
Teresa Watson Band Down Home Blues Teresa Watson Band John Morgan
Misty Blues Will My Blues Dark & Saucy
Awek Think Long Distance
Jon Gindick When We Die, We All Come Back As Music When We Die, We All Come Back As Music Old Chimney
Tim Gartland Too Many Groceries If You Want A Good Woman Taste Good Music
Little Stevie & the Big Beat Just One More Time Another Man 
Kaz Hawkins Band I Just Want to Make Love To You Feelin’ Good
Elles Bailey Take Me back Who Am I To Me
Jo Harman Silhouettes of You People We Become
Nine Below Zero I;m Gonna Keep What I’ve Got 13 Shades of Blue Zed Records
Giles Hedley Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound
Kenny Neal Plain Old Common Sense Blood Line Cleopatra Records
Jack Mack & the Heart Attack Horns Serves Me Right Back to the Shack FreeRoll
Blues Engine Mama Don’t Know Tracks
Rag Mama Rag How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live Some ‘Ol Day
The Rumblestrutters In The Jailhouse Now Prohibition Blues


Artist Track Source Label
Thorbjorn Risager & the Black Tornado Change My Game Change My Game Ruf Records
Big Daddy Wilson Cross Creek Road Neckbone Stew Ruf Records
Reverend Freakchild In My Time of Dyin’ Preachin’ Blues Treated and Released Records
Fran McGillivray Band Hard Working Woman Midnight Call Joka Records
The Rumblestrutters Canned Heat Blues Prohibition Blues
Marcus Malone Feelin’ Bad Blues A Better Man Redline Music
John Mayall The Devil Must Be Laughing Talk About That Forty Below Records
Kat & Co Selfish Blues Blues Is The New Cool ToneTrade Records
The Delta Ladies Devil’s Work Today Hillbilly Trance
Wille & the Bandits Scared of the Sun Steal Jig-Saw Music
Orion & the Constellations Whiskey My Woman 10 Years
Guy King King Thing Truth Delmark Records


Artist Track Source Label
Popa Chubby Going Down See My Old Gal Sue The Catfish Popa Chubby Productions
Marcia Ball Like There’s No Tomorrow The Tattooed Lady & the Alligator Man Alligator Records
Toronzo Cannon Strength To Survive The Chicago Way Alligator Records
Moreland & Arbuckle Long Way Home Promised Land Or Bust Alligator Records
La Vendore Rogue Dead Man’s Chest Light Up With ….
Tom Walker Trio Thinking About Your Love The Stranger’s Face EP
Southbound Beacon Southbound
Dove & Boweevil Band Put Your Red Lips On This Life Mud Pie Records
Nine Below Zero Don’t Play That Song For Me (You Lied) 13 Shades of Blue Zed Records
Elles Bailey feat. Spencer Ludwig Heart Go Oooh Who Am I To Me
Joanne Shaw Taylor Wild Is The Wind Wild Axehouse Music
Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro Postcard From Hamburg Static In The Wires Del Mundo Records
The Mighty Boss Cats Batley Boy Gold Fever
Roadhouse Night of the Gun City of Decay KrossBorder Rekords
Laurence Jones Something’s Changed Take Me High Ruf Records
Nigel Bagge Band Count On Me The Chinese andbag Thief
Jo Harman When We Were Young People We Become
Earl Green & the Right Time That’s Better For Me Live at Bronte Blues Club
Thorbjorn Risager & the Black Tornado Dreamland Change My Game Ruf Records
Blues Engine Drop Dead Ugly Tracks
Little Stevie & the Big Beat Another Man Another Man 
Rag Mama Rag Some Ol’ Day Some ‘Ol Day
The Rumblestrutters Stealin’ Stealin’ Prohibition Blues
Andres Roots Get Me Back Winter Roots Art Records
Awek L.A. Stomp Long Distance


Artist Track Source Label
Saiichi Sugiyama Band Shimmy Krossborder Compilation Vol 2 KrossBorder Rekords
Duke Robillard Stratisfied Living With The Blues Stony Plain/DixieFrog Records
Buddy Guy Skanky Living Proof Silvertone Records
Jim Allchin Opening My Eyes to Love Overclocked Sandy Key Music
The Paul Rose Band Touch Wood Half Alive
Jim McCarty & Friends Cristo Redentor Live From Callaghan’s Cally’s Records & Tapes
Tom Principato Tango’d Up in the Blues Guitar Gumbo Powerhouse Records
Gregor Hilden Naylor’s Blues In Phase Acoustic Music
Nuno Mindelis Dana’s Song Twelve Hours Taxim Records
Mick Simpson Walking Back to India Hard Road Livewire Records


Artist Track Source Label
Hair of the Dog Driftin Putting the Rhythm Back in the Blues
Ben Granfelt Wayward Child Another Day Tuohi Records
Popa Chubby Cry Till Its a Dull Ache The Catfish Popa Chubby Productions
Gaetano Letizia & the Underworld Blues Band Old Guitar Player Resurrection Letizia Music
Stevie J Blues Come See Me Back 2 Blues Mississippi Delta Records/PK Music
Tom Craig and Soul Patch How Did I Break the Rules Get Ready For Me
Jim Koeppel RSVP To Paradise RSVP To Paradise Jongleur
John Latini Rutabega Cheescake The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good Smokin’ Sleddog Records
Randy McAllister & the Scrappiest Band in the Motherland C’mon Brothers & Sisters Fistful of Gumption Reaction Records
Slim Butler Cryin’ Shame Bad Intention Slim Cuts
Starlite Campbell Band Walkin’ Out The Door Blueberry Pie Supertone Records
Derrick Procell They All Fnd Out Why I Choose to Sing the Blues Hear and Now Music
Moreland & Arbuckle When the Lights Are Burning Low Promised Land Or Bust Alligator
Paul Lamb & the Kingsnakes You Really Got a Hold On Me Hole In the Wall Secret Records
Jo Harman Reformation People We Become
Little Stevie & the Big Beat I Gotta Know Another Man 
John Mayall Talk About That Talk About That Forty Below Records
Rag Mama Rag Old Jim Canaan’s Some ‘Ol Day
The Rumblestrutters Prohibition Blues Prohibition Blues
Reverend Freakchild See That My Grave Is Kept Clean Preachin’ Blues Treated and Released Records
Blues Engine Tell Me A Riddle Tracks
Beth Hart Coca Cola Fire On The Floor Provogue Records
Landon Spradlin No More Blues Mondays No More Blues Mondays


Artist Track Source Label
Dr JJ’s Blues Band Trying To Live My Life Without You As Best As I Can Tortoise Records
Matt Andersen The Gift Honest Man True North Records
Harper & Midwest Kind It’s All in the Game Show Your Love Blu Harp Records
The Rolling Stones Hoo Doo Blues Blue & Lonesome Polydor Records
Mississippi MacDonald & the Cottonmouth Kings Even If It Makes Me Poor Dress For the Money
The Jimmys I Wonder Live From Transylvania Brown Cow Productions
Kenny Neal BloodLine Cleopatra Blues
Jack Mack & the Heart Attack Horns Don’t Let Her Go Back to the Shack SSR FreeRoll 
Andres Roots Thanks For Bringing Me Down Winter Roots Art
The Hexmen Bullfrog Blues King Bee
Rev Billy C. Wurtz Rockin’ Up to Gloryland Full Circle Eller Soul Records
Sonny Moorman You Make All My Blues Come True Intenational Blues Challenge #32
Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons Black Sheep Moan Intenational Blues Challenge #32
Trey Johnson and Jason Williams When the Money Runs Out Intenational Blues Challenge #32


Artist Track Source Label
Status Quo Rocking All Over The World Rocking All Over the Years Phonogram
Status Quo Whatever You Want Rocking All Over the Years Phonogram
Status Quo Anniversary Waltz Part One Rocking All Over the Years Phonogram
Honey B. & T-Bones Easy Baby Time Was Tuohi Records
Sophie Malbec Road of Blue Memories Road of Blue Memories Ti and Bo
Dawn Tyler Watson Smoked Meat Jawbreaker!
Kat & Co Calling Your Name Blues Is The New Cool Tone Trade Records
Joanne Shaw Taylor Wanna Be My Lover Wild Axehouse Music
Blues Engine Keep Lovin’ (‘Til the Love Runs Out) Tracks
Lisa Biales Be My Husband The Beat of My Heart Big Song Music
Blue Touch Trying to Find My Way Home Nothing Left To Hide
The Rumblestrutters 32-20 Blues Prohibition Blues
Rag Mama Rag Mean old Lonesome Blues Some ‘Ol Day
Brigitte DeMeyer & Will Kimbrough Rainy Day Mockinbird Soul BDM Music
Three Gamberos Sleeping in the Doghouse Take Me Home Mig Prod
Adam Sweet Move On Take Your Time NEO Music
Gary Grainger Deep Ellum Blues Live at Brooklyn Bowl London
Jerimiah Marques & the Blue Aces Shake ‘Em Down Winning Hand Last Music Co
Norman Jackson Band Norman’s Blues IBC #32 Compilation The Blues Foundation
Hector Anchondo Band Tall Glass of Whiskey IBC #32 Compilation The Blues Foundation
Cotton Belly’s Medecine Rainy Road Cabane Prod
Kaz Hawkins Band Feelin’ Good Feelin’ Good
Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro One Horse Town Static in the Wires Del Mundo Records
Little Stevie & the Big Beat Dangerous Kind Another Man 
Billy T Band Shame Shame Reckoning Big H Music
MonkeyJunk See The Sign Time To Roll Stony Plain Records


Artist Track Source Label
Tomislav Goluban Vlak Vozi (Riding The Train) Kaj Blues Etno Spona Records
Vargas Blues Band Road To Freedom Hard Time Blues Santo Grial Records
Wentus Blues Band Abigail Lucky Strike Mama RamaSound
Latvian Blues Band Turn Off The Light Music of My Heart
Wax & Boogie Big Combo Hurt Me Come With Me
Lena & the Slide Brothers Elevator Man The Road Retrou-Art
Ina Forsman Pretty Messed Up Ina Forsman Ruf Records
Ida Bang & the Blue Tears Before I Leave Possibilities
Guy Verlinde Goin’ Down To Missy Sippy Rooted In the Blues DixieFrog Records
Jolly Jumper & Big Moe Monday Morning Train Welcome to Jimbo Jambo Land Bare Bra
The Bluesbones Wrong Double Live
Well Bad Rockin’ Chair Judgement Days Blue Central Records
Helge Tallqvist The Tears Fall Down Like Rain In Footsteps

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