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  1. Hello:
    We want to thank you for playing music from our CD “Leopard Print Dress”. We sure do appreciate the support as we are taking our band to a new level. We are excited that the CD is being played worldwide now that we were Semi Finalists at the IBC in Memphis. We hope you and your listeners enjoyed the music and we hope you will play the CD again.

    Best Regards,

    Sue Bujold
    Assistant o.b.o. Dee Miller

  2. Hi Ashwyn.

    Thanks for your ongoing support of our little aussie blues and Hammond quartet, The Jackson Four.

    It’s the support of Blues program makers like yourself, listeners and audience members who keep coming to our gigs that keeps us going.

    Keep up the great work with the show.

    Peter and the J4 lads.

  3. Hi Ashwyn,

    Thanks so much for including my track “Chasin’ That Train” (from my (c) 2019 CD “Pass It On Down”) in your playlist for the week of November 17, 2019. That’s such great news! (I’m all queued up to start listening tomorrow : )

    Programs such as yours go a long way to help indie musicians such as myself get their music heard. Thanks for the spins!!!

    And for anyone who might be curious, here’s who plays on that “Chasin’ That Train” track:
    Linda Sussman–vocals, acoustic guitar
    Mike Nugent–electric guitar

    Thanks, again!

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